A Crane Operator Certification Card is good for a (5) year period. A candidate can re-certify any time prior up to twelve months of their expiration date. We highly recommend that a certified crane operator schedules for re-certification early in that twelve month window to ensure that there are no discrepancies prior to expiring.

Re-Certification Candidates are allowed two (2) attempts to pass the written portion (additional fees apply). Should the candidate fail the second attempt, he/she is required to take a full Core, Specialty, and the Practical associated to the Specialty applying for.

Because of the many code changes that occur with OSHA and ANSI, we highly recommend that the candidate attend a class that covers such changes in these codes. Thus, making the candidate more knowledgeable in their field and more capable of passing the first time around.

Adding Categories

Adding a category to your existing Crane Operator Certification can be done at any time, however, the category or categories added will expire on the date of the original certification card. Therefore, we recommend that, if possible, the candidate add any specialties at the time of your re-certification process.

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