Crane Service Industries is fortunate to have (2) Cal OHSA Licensed Surveyors on staff. In order to hold these credentials, we’ve had to prove our experience by a verified Resume’, as well as stringent written and verbal Exams. Additionally, we are Experienced, Certified Operators and Accredited Practical Examiners for Nationally recognized Certification Programs on mobile cranes.

With many years of field experience, our clients have come to rely on us for OSHA Code Interpretation, Accident Investigation, and Expert Witness services should Litigation become necessary. Since cranes are all we do, our focus is helping our clients to reduce the exposure to potential accidents. Developing solid Standard Operating Procedures and Training Operations, Riggers, Signalman, Lift Planners and Lift Directors has proven that accidents can be reduced, saving our clients thousands of dollars. Thus, if an accident were to happen, you would have reduced your exposure by a well implemented Safety Program, Training, and Documentation that includes and enforces OSHA codes, Manufacturers Recommendations and known good Industry Operational Procedures.

A little planning now goes a long way in protecting the assets that you have worked so hard to build. So whether it’s Consulting, Developing Standard Operating Procedures, Training, Accident Investigation or Expert Witness, you want Team CSI to represent your company.

When Lifting is your Business, CSI is the Go-To Solution Provider.

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