The law requires “materials must be rigged by a qualified rigger” (29 CFR 1926.1425)(Cal/OSHA Title 8, Sec 4999) and, “the employer of the signalperson must ensure that each signalperson meets the qualification requirement of this section” (29 CFR 1926.1428)(Cal/OSHA Title 8, Sec 1618.2).

Our Rigging & Signalperson Qualification Program is a one (1) day training session.

The Rigging presentation consists of:

  • Identification of common components
  • Take out-of-service criteria
  • Inspection and documentation
  • Working load limits vs horizontal sling angles
  • Types of loads vs types of hitches
  • 40 Question Written Exam
  • 5 Part Rigging Practical Exam

The Signalperson presentation consists of:

  • Crane dynamics
  • Catching the drift
  • Boom Deflection
  • Radius vs crane capacity
  • Dynamic loading and unloading
  • Side loading and the effects of wind on a load
  • Proper hand signals and voice signals
  • 35 Question Written Exam
  • Knowledge of Hand Signals Practical Exam

There are some jobs and employers that go beyond the letter of the law and require that their Riggers and Signalpersons be certified. We offer a Certified Rigger Level I and Level II Course, as well as a Cerfified Signalperson Course.

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