Hands on training with experienced instructors
Hands on training with experienced instructors

Our Written Prep Program is presented in four (4) Sessions of approximately (4 to 5) hours each.

Adding a Specialty will add an additional four (4) hour Session per Specialty.

At the conclusion of the 20 to 24 hours of Class Time, you will be scheduled for Written Exams (Paper/Pencil) or Computer Based Exams (CBT).

Once you have passed your Written Exams, you will have scheduled one-on-one Practical Practice (hands-on) Crane Time with an Instructor. The total hours of Crane Time will depend upon the Crane Type(s) you have chosen for your Certification. At the completion of your Hands-On instruction, you will conclude with your Hands-On Practical Exam(s).

Fast Track

We can fast track your training to help you acquire your Crane Operator Certification in as few as (7) days, and on multiple crane types to choose from. Learn more


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