We offer a three (3) day prep class concentrating on site inspection and prior lift planning which includes: hazard assessment, rigging, signal (hand & voice), roles and responsibilities, qualification of personnel involved in assembly/disassembly, Rigging and lifting operations and pre-lift meeting requirements.

The class consists of lecture and interactive sessions, review and interpretations of Grove TLL RT, and Manitowoc LBC load charts that will be used during your exam.

The Lift Director Examination (Written Exam) will tests the candidates knowledge in the following areas:

  • Site – approx 20%
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Qualification – approx 17.5%
  • Lifting operations – approx 20%
  • Lift Plans – approx 5%
  • Rigging – approx 25%
  • Signals – approx 12.5%


  • Certifications in: Mobile Cranes, Rigger Level I and II, as well
    as Signalperson.

  • Prior experience is necessary
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